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False, Fleeting, Perjur'd Clarence

George, Duke of Clarence 1449-1478
Michael Hicks

Publication date to be announced

ISBN  978-1-85944-014-8     200 pages    Hardback £25

George Duke of Clarence (1449-1478) was the son of Richard, Duke of York and Duchess Cicely who was known as the Rose of Raby. He was the brother of Edward IV, Richard III and Margaret who married Charles the Bold of Burgundy. George was, therefore, a great magnate. He married Isabel, daughter of the Earl of Warwick (Warwick the Kingmaker), Richard III married the younger daughter, Anne. Clarence had two children. Edward, earl of Warwick who having a better claim to the throne was imprisoned by Henry VII and Margaret, Countess of Salisbury who was executed in 1536. The entire family is inextricably involved in the Wars of the Roses.

Many will remember Clarence from Shakespeare's description and in particular from the film Richard III. As Duke of Gloucester Richard was loyal to his brother Edward IV but Clarence changed sides sometimes supporting Edward and sometimes his father-in-law, Warwick the Kingmaker, hence Shakespeare's scene in the Tower of London when the imprisoned Clarence (played by Sir John Gielgud) relates his nightmares to the Keeper, Brackenbury nightmares which relate his disloyalty and voices saying -False, fleeting perjur'd Clarence. The incarcerated Clarence is said to have been murdered in the Tower being drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine. Is it true? Did Richard order his murder? Read Michael Hicks.

Henry VIII & Wolsey:

The Tudor Court & Royal Progresses

Neil Samman

Preface: David Loades

Publication date to be announced

Series: Monographs, Medieval and Modern

ISBN  978-1-85944-015-5     400 pages    Hardback £30

William de Longchamp

David Balfour
College of St Joseph, Vermont, USA

Preface: Ralph Turner
Florida State University

Publication date to be announced

Series: Monographs

ISBN 978-1-85944-007-0     400pages    Hardback £30

The Arts Restored:

Patronage & Portraiture in the Reign of Charles II
Stephen Gleissner
Chief Curator, Wichita Art Museum, USA

Publication date to be announced

Series: Monographs

ISBN 978-1-85944-005-6     Illus.    Hardback £35

The Tudor Court

David Loades
Emeritus Professor, University of Wales
and Honorary Member of the Centre for Early Modern Studies, History Faculty University of Oxford

Publication date to be announced

ISBN 978-1-85944-013-1       Hardback: 2nd Edition   £30

The Cider Excise Crisis

†Patrick Woodland
Open University/Researcher

Publication date to be announced

Series: Monographs

ISBN 978-1-85944-019-3         Hardback £35

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