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Research Paperbacks

Publishing Guidelines for paperbacks

Angel from the Beauchamp Chapel, the Collegiate Church of St.Mary's, Warwick Bear from the Beauchamp Chapel, the Collegiate Church of St.Mary's, Warwick

Posthumous paperbacks
by David Loades

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester 1533-1588

Favourite of Elizabeth I

Fulke Greville 1554-1628

Poet and Statesman

Edmund Harman

Barber surgeon to Henry VIII

Illustrations from the Beauchamp Chapel, the Collegiate Church of St.Mary's, Warwick, by kind permission of RJL Smith, Much Wenlock, Shropshire.

Other periods

David Loades Warwick the Kingmaker and the Wars of the Roses
ISBN 978-1-85944-236-4 £3.00
David Loades The English Church and the Papacy in the Sixteenth Century
ISBN 978-1-85944-261-6 £4.00
David Loades Charles V and the Ottomans
ISBN 978-1-85944-240-1 £4.00
†Philip Thody The Achievements of Charles de Gaulle
ISBN 978-1-85944-153-4 £4.00
David Luscombe Peter Abelard
ISBN 978-1-85944-183-1 £4.00
John Law Lords of Renaissance Italy
ISBN 978-1-85944-194-7 £4.00
Geoffrey Elton Thomas Cromwell
ISBN 978-1-85944-299-9
Sample £4.00
Tony Lentin The Versailles Peace Settlement
ISBN 978-1-85944-280-7 £4.00
David Grummitt Henry VII
ISBN 978-1-85944-208-1 £4.00
Nigel Yates The Oxford Movement
ISBN 978-1-85944-154-1 £4.00

The Achievements of Charles de Gaulle

†Philip Thody Late Professor of French University of Leeds
ISBN 978 1 85944 153 4    £4.00

This paperback is essentially an endowed lecture given at the University of Wales, Bangor in 1990. Professor Thody saw De Gaulle as the first military leader to take power in France and leave his country a more prosperous place, unconquered, not invaded and at peace with its neighbours. He also ended the bitter war with Algeria 1954 to 1962. His friendship with the German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, was crucial in ending problems between their two countries.

Cover of The Achievements of Charles de Gaulle by Philip Thody

Charles V and the Ottomans

David Loades Professor Emeritus, University of Wales, Bangor,
Hon Member History Faculty, University of Oxford
ISBN 978 1 85944 240 1    £4.00

When Charles V became Holy Roman Emperor in 1519, Hungary stood as a buffer between Christendom and the Infidel, but Hungary was virtually destroyed at the Battle of Mohacs in 1526. What remained was in the hands of Charles' brother Ferdinand, but given the demands of the rest of his lands, the Emperor was unable to provide adequate support. In addition the power of Venice in the Adriatic had declined leaving Italy vulnerable to Muslim attacks.

The cover of Charles V and the
             Ottomans by David Loades

Warwick the Kingmaker and the Wars of the Roses

David Loades
ISBN 978 1 85944 236 4    £3.00

Warwick "the Kingmaker" played a key role in the Wars of the Roses. He was not a great soldier but he was a hard working administrator and a nobleman of vast possessions and power. His support was vital to the king and alienating him was a massive mistake. After his death at Barnet in 1471 he was attainted as a traitor. He left no male heir but his two daughters married the brothers of Edward IV. Isabel became Duchess of Clarence and Anne married Richard III.

Warwick the Kingmaker and the Wars of the Roses by David Loades

Henry VII 1457-1509 the First Tudor King front cover

Henry VII
The First Tudor King

David Grummitt

ISBN 978 1 85944 208 1

The Versailles Peace Settlement front cover

The Versailles Peace Settlement

Antony Lentin

ISBN 978 1 85944 280 7
(An Open University Text)

Publishing Guidelines

I am interested in publishing paperbacks at two levels. One series is aimed at undergraduates who need an introduction to a totally new period. So a North American student who is familiar with the history of his own country or indeed Canadian History and who is now beginning European History whether medieval, early modern or modern may find it helpful to read Peter Abelard, Charles V and the Ottomans or The Versailles Peace Settlement and The Achievements of Charles de Gaulle. Other small paperbacks can be pitched at academics, post-graduates and post-doctoral students.

I am looking for work on the history and politics of countries both within Great Britain but equally in other countries. For instance, many Oxford undergraduates are interested in African history. There is considerable interest in the American Constitution. What about France post 1871? I look forward to your ideas. For advanced papers the length should be about forty to fifty thousand words with footnotes and bibliography as additions. For general introductions, up to forty thousand words with only minimal bibliography.

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