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Essays in British History

Essays on the Reign of Edward VI

David Loades

ISBN 978 1 85944 250 0           £15


1. Henry VIII’s Will and the formation of the Protectorate
2. The Religious settlement; early moves towards Protestantism
3. Agrarian and Trade Problems
4. Protector Somerset and the Scottish Wars
5. Protector Somerset and the Privy Council
6. The Foreign Policy of the Protectorate
7. Printing and Publishing
8. The Prayer Book of 1549.
9. The Risings of 1548-4910.
10. The Coup of October 1549
11. The Struggle for Power, October 1549- January 1550
12. Religious Opposition; the Princess Mary
13. Education, Charity and the Dissolution of the Chantries
14. The Foreign Policy of the Earl of Warwick
15. The Court and Council, 1550-1553
16. The Second Prayer Book
17. Religious Radicalism
18. Financial Reforms and Retrenchment
19. Overseas trade and Exploration
20. Northumberland and the Succession Crisis

Notes and Documents

Essays on Tudor History

David Loades

ISBN 978 1 85944 179 4           £15

Contents Sample pages


1. To what extent, and why, had Henry VII succeeded in securing his position as king by 1499.
2. Why was the Yorkist dynasty overthrown with such apparent ease in 1485?
3. How serious a threat to Henry VII were the pretenders to the throne?
4. What were the aims of the first two Tudors in their policies towards Scotland and how far were they successful in achieving them?
5. Assess the extent of continental influences on English intellectual life and culture in the first half of the sixteenth century.
6. Discuss the reasons for and the extent of, anti-clericalism in England in the first half of the Sixteenth century?
7. In what ways & or what reasons was the period 1475 –1550 a period of growing prosperity for the merchant classes?
8. Assess the importance of the personal influence of Henry VIII in foreign and domestic policy 1509-1529
9. How significant were the changes in government in the 1530s?
10. How far did Thomas Cromwell succeed in creating a unified nation in the 1530s?
11. In what ways and for what reasons did the status and authority of parliament in crease 1509-1558?
12. ‘Wolsey’s main concern was to retain power for himself, ad therefore he achieved little of lasting significance’. How valid is this assessment?
13. To what extent did protestantism obtain a hold in England between 1529 and 1547?
14. Discuss the causes and consequences to 1547 of the Dissolution of the monasteries.
15. Why was the resistance to religious change between 1533 and 1547 largely ineffective?
16. Assess the importance of Thomas Cranmer to the development of protestantism in England?
17. ‘The rule of Northumberland was no improvement on that of Somerset, for neither of them governed England well’ Discuss the judgement.
18. How significant were the popular uprisings of 1549?
19. ‘All was not failure in the reign of Mary I’ Discuss this judgement
20. Discuss the impact of English foreign policy on domestic affairs during the reigns of Edward VI and Mary
21. Mary I’s religious policies were more realistic, more popular and more successful than those of Somerset and Northumberland’. Examine the validity of this view.
22. ‘Her unpopularity was more the result of her marriage than of her religion’ Discuss this verdict on Mary I
23. Discuss the effects to 1558 of the introduction of printing on the religious and intellectual life of England
24 How far was Elizabeth I successful both in establishing and maintaining a religious settlement which accorded with her own interests?
25. ‘Elizabethan England lived in terror of the tramp’ How serious the problem of vagabondage and how successfully had it been tackled by 1603?
26. Why did Elizabeth I become involved in war with Spain in 1585 and why did the war last so long?
27. How successful was Elizabeth I in imposing rule on Ireland?
28. How far and why did parliament become more difficult to manage in the reign of Elizabeth I?
29. What problems faced Elizabeth I in foreign relations to 1572 and how successfully did she handle them?
30. To what extent and in what ways did the role of the nobility in English government change the sixteenth century?

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