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The Tudor Court

David Loades
Professor Emeritus, University of Wales, Bangor,
Hon Member History Faculty, University of Oxford

Forthcoming (4th edition, revised)
ISBN 978 1 85944 225 8   Hardback  £60

The cover of The Tudor Court by David Loades

This is an updated and somewhat expanded version of the book originally published in 1986, and reprinted in different formats in 1992 and 2003.

It endeavours to take account of work published since 1986, particularly on the ceremonial and imagery of the court, and on the Chapel Royal. It also explores two aspects of the court which were neglected in the original edition, which was largely about structures.

The first of these is the court’s involvement in the coronations of rulers, and in the creation of peers, in both of which types of ceremony it was in a sense on show.

The second concerns the court at war. Not only did the king maintain two standing bodyguards, the Yeomen and the Gentlemen Pensioners, but the Household also provided fighting men when the king mobilised his army. When the monarch was female, and did not go to war, war might come to her, and it behoved the household to be prepared. Elizabethan tournaments may have lost their military significance, but the knights still took themselves seriously as soldiers. The two most successful image builders of the sixteenth century, Henry VIII and Elizabeth, displayed the gender variations on the monarch as warrior.

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